Global sales of air pellets are growing year after year. The increasing number of air gun shooters, changes in legislation, new technologies applied to air guns, the competitive price of the ammunition and the efforts of brands like Norica to offer new models are only some of the reasons for it.

The evolution of air rifles and air pistols, starting from low velocity to super-magnum models reaching over 70J in some configurations, require a proactive approach from product developers to meet the requirements of air gunners.

Nowadays air rifles (from multi-pump to PCP) are used for fun plinking, target shooting, pest control, hunting, FT & HFT competition.


In line with this trend, our company continues working on its range to fulfill the needs of its loyal customers.

In addition, the activity of Norica in over 50 international markets requires the development of different pellets design to fit all uses, from plinking to pest control and hunting of small animals where allowed by law.

“Our aim is to give shooters a wide choice, thus they can find the best Norica pellet to suit their different needs at every shooting moment.”

Norica’s copper coated pellet range is specially developed thinking on shooters who own powerful air rifles or pistols.

The copper coating reduces the friction with air, providing an 20% increased velocity when compared to similar weight pellets, delivering extra knock-down power at any distance.

Among the five existing models the line includes unique and innovative designs as the Destroyer, a 28gr bullet-shaped pellet and the Monster, a 26 gr pellet with leveled center of gravity. Both models are manufactured only in .22 cal.

The range is completed with and market-classic shapes as Hollow-Point or Devast (semi-domed).

Devast and Hollow-Point, available in both .177 and .22, achieved a penetration of over 150mm thru ballistic gel at 8 yards with 16ft/lbs air rifles, showing an amazing destructive capacity. In fact, the Devast model trespassed all-through the block of gel” as did the .177 Round model, which is also available in .22

Round pellets (not to mix with steel BB’s), are ideal for plinking and achieving huge impact on any target. Being made of lead, Norica Round pellet won’t ricochet while delivering all its energy upon impact. Round-lead balls are useful in air rifles with non-rifled barrels and for fun-shooting when looking for superior penetration.

Carefully manufactured with German machinery using a special lead alloy, a strict quality control is performed with state-of-the-art American technology machinery before the final visual inspection and manual selection is implemented.

Available in calibers 4,5mm (.177) and 5,5mm (.22) the pellets are conveniently packed in a in plastic box with belt loops.


Copper coated pellets are made of lead as other standard air rifle ammunition but according to experts the thin copper layer provides an improved engagement with the rifling of the barrel, resulting in enhanced accuracy. At the same time, they are harder than common lead pellets, so they tend to suffer less deformation, which helps accuracy as well.

On the safety side, copper plated pellets offer a much cleaner handling, leaving no lead dust over the shooter’s hands or pockets of those shooters who choose keeping a few pellets there for easier access.