We only need one shot!

A revolutionary technology in the field of break barrel air rifles, which consists of the elimination of recoil at the moment of the shot, providing the shooter with maximum accuracy.

ZRS system: Maximum power without recoil:

  • Shooting smoothness like a PCP.
  • Maximum accuracy by eliminating recoil to the shooter.
  • Total protection for the scope and other parts.

Ease of maintenance and maximum reliability:

  • Simple disassembly and assembly without special tools.
  • Maintenance-free mechanism.

Easy to use:

  • Identical use as any break barrel air rifle.
  • No need for a high pressure pump or pressurized air cylinders.
Regulated pcp evo

Air Pressure Regulator

The new EVO regulator was developed to improve regulation precision, taking performance to the next level. The firing speed is now even more constant, delivering the best accuracy.

Power, efficiency and durability

This technology consists in a pneumatic cylinder that is replacing the spring, enabling the shooter having more terminal velocity, less vibration, more consistent power, and a constant and smooth cocking effort.


  • Less Vibration = Better accuracy.
  • Constant cocking effort as spring friction is eliminated.
  • Increased durability of power system and internal parts.
  • Uniform power delivers regular velocity shot after shot.
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather.
  • You can leave it cocked for hours, as there is no spring fatigue.

Recoil Absorption System

Designed by Norica R+D team this system integrates an elastomer dampener which reduces the endured impact by 40%, providing a smoother firing cycle, increasing speed and improving the accuracy of the air rifle.

German Steel Mainspring

High quality German steel mainspring is mounted on our springers, delivering top performance and long-lasting durability.

Fiber Optics Open Sights

Bright fiber optic wires guarantee quick-target acquisition under all light conditions. Front sights are often hit and broken this is why we use steel to manufacture our front sight guards, providing a better protection than plastic ones.

Norica’s Adjustable Trigger System

Norica Adjustable Trigger System (NATS) allows adjustment of first and second stage travel length as well as trigger pull weight. Get total control of your shot!

Silent Shot

Norica SilentShot technology considerably reduces the muzzle blast when shooting.

SilentShot Elite

Back-Draft technology takes the sound from the barrel into the suppressor and back down the outside
of the barrel. Extremely effective, even on spring powered guns.

Solid Steel Breech

At Norica we build our products to last and satisfy our valued customers. Thus we use the best available steel to manufacture the breech of our air rifles.

Solid Steel Breech Pro

On selected GRS models an innovative re-design of the breech significantly reduces the cocking effort.

Automatic Safety

Your Norica air rifle is equipped with automatic Safety system. Every time the gun is cocked the safety is activated. Release it by pushing the catch or the lever conveniently located in front of the trigger blade.