For over a hundred years, Norica has cra ed airguns with supreme precision and a deep respect for tradition. The leap into pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifles began with the 2019 launch of the Dark Bull, blending heritage and innovation. Following this, the Viriatus series further refined design and functionality. In 2024, Norica’s introduction of the EVO regulator-valve unit in its PCP range showcases its continual drive for perfection and innovation.

Each Norica rifle is meticulously produced to meet the high standards of today’s most demanding shooters. With a commitment to excellence that dates back to its founding, Norica remains at the forefront of the airgun industry. In 2019, the Spanish company marked a significant transition into the domain of PCP rifles with the introduction of the Dark Bull, heralding a new era in its product offerings. This model is renowned for the exceptional precision of its choked barrel, crafted by the esteemed Lothar Walther, complemented by a pressure gauge from Wika, and innovative regulation technology developed by Norica. Subsequent to this milestone, Norica’s PCP range has seen continual development, enhancing and refining its designs to deliver a superior experience for hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

In 2020, the portfolio expanded with the addition of the Viriatus TG and Viriatus HT, models that significantly evolved from the Dark Bull whilst retaining the bullpup format. The Viriatus models featured a smoother operating lever replacing the traditional charging bolt, modifications to the tank to increase autonomy, and adjustments to the regulator and valve to ensure enhanced accuracy and consistency with each shot. Furthermore, the redesigned stock improved both the ergonomics and aesthetics of the rifles, making the Viriatus an attractive and reliable option for enthusiasts.

By 2022, Norica further broadened its PCP range with the introduction of the Viriatus 2.0, which introduced a new stock design and a forward side lever to enhance shooting ergonomics, alongside a longer rail weaver for exceptional scope adjustment. This model was meticulously tailored to meet the precise needs of shooters, incorporating new, lighter, and easier-to-use synthetic magazines that added increased comfort and versatility, whilst remaining compatible with previous models.

As of 2024, Norica continues its steadfast commitment to innovation by integrating the latest advancements in its proprietary regulation technology across its PCP range. The introduction of the EVO regulator-valve unit enables the most demanding shooters to achieve superlative performance. This innovation allows for the adjustment of the plenum size according to the calibre used, ensuring optimal functionality under various conditions, and extends the range of valve adjustments for more precise control over airflow, thereby enhancing the overall shooting experience.

Each PCP airgun from Norica is produced in small series, with meticulous attention to detail and utilising only the finest materials such as anodised aluminium, high-strength steels, and vaporised beech wood. This unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and excellence ensures that each rifle leaving Norica’s factory stands as a tribute to its longstanding tradition and dedication to customer satisfaction. In its ongoing commitment to remain pioneers in the industry, Norica is poised to introduce further exciting innovations to its PCP rifle range. For those  interested in becoming distributors, please contact the team.

Source: Gun Trade World