Thanks to our distributor Edgar Brothers the English magazine Air Gunner publishes a review about our Norica Thor GRS and Norica Hawk GRS.

TESTING TIME! by Dan Barham

For this test I spent a couple of rather enjoyable sessions in my back garden, shooting from 15 metres out to 25 metres with both rifles. I also got my daughters Mia and Holly involved to shoot the Thor Junior rifle, and as that particular shooting session progressed, I actually decided not to put scopes on either rifle – there was no need. The fibre-optic sights are really quite good and it wasn’t hard to achieve decent accuracy with either rifle, even when shooting at paper targets rather than the spinners. Both girls found the Thor really easy to cock, load and shoot.

Unfortunately, I had to send the rifles back to Edgar Brothers before I had a chance to slap a scope on top of the Hawk and take it out in the field hunting, but from the testing that I did do out to 25 metres I’m more than confident that the addition of a scope will make this a lovely little lightweight hunting rifle.

For the money, you really can’t go wrong with this duo, and to think that for less than £450 you can get yourself a great father/son, mother/daughter set of rifles plus some pellets, they both offer extremely good value for money. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the more advanced rifles from the Norica stable in the future, the quality and performance of the pair I’ve just tested bodes well for their more expensive models. 

Review Norica Thor GRS y Hawk GRS: Airgun Shooting.