As you know, the Norica Team has also been this year at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg. We can say that it has been a rewarding experience since there have been many who have gone through our Stand and have been interested in our products. Especially for our new DarkBull BP PCP Airgun.

Photo: Fernando Rodriguez, Nerea Garmendia and Josu Hernaltes from the Norica Team.

In this article we will show you our new releases:


The Norica DarkBull BP has become our crown jewel this year. Many of those present at the IWA have seen two of our models: with wooden stock and the Digital Camo finish version.

The Barrel

The barrel is, of course, of paramount importance in any gun and it is one of the key features of our first PCP. Featuring a choked 450mm long unit supplied by reputed German manufacturer Lothar Walther, the accuracy of the Dark Bull BP on the barrel side is guaranteed. So far accuracy tests have been performed in open field at 100m and, according to our sources, results are impressive. The barrel is semi-shrouded and integrates suppressing functions in order to keep the Dark Bull impressively silent. Following the current trend in the market we decided to include a 1/2 UNF male adaptor to make their rifle even quieter.


The Dark Bull BP features a regulator in order to provide die maximum shots per fill at a constant velocity. The regulator is a high-performance in-house design, developed by our technical team. Working pressure of the regulator is 135 Bar (1,959 PSI) and die maximum filling pressure is 250 Bar (3,620 PSI). The user can easily monitor the pressure by checking the WIKA colour-coded pressure gauge. WIKA is the global market leader on pressure measurement. The gauge is located at the front side of the 340cc aluminum air cylinder, where the quick-fill port is found as well.

Action and magazines

The side-bolt action has been designed to provide an easy and smooth cocking of the air rifle for all marksman. A self-indexing automatic magazine is supplied as a standard and there is also a unique Multi-Shot tray. The concept of the Multi-Shot tray was developed while thinking about retaining top accuracy provided by a single-shot tray and enjoying the comfort of magazines.


The trigger unit on the Norica Dark Bull BP is fully adjustable on both weight and travel length. As with other bullpups, though, adjustments require you to disassemble die European beech wood stock from the action. We also revealed that the trigger pull weight is between 200g and » 400g, making it a pleasure to shoot but very easy to control at the same time. The safety is manual and works with a lever located in front of the metal trigger blade.


Our new model Storm Elite comes from our classic model Storm but now featuring the latest generation anodized aluminium Elite Suppressor. This model is completed with fully adjustable NATS trigger and includes an airgun rated 4×32 scopes with rings.

The exclusive vaporized beechwood stock with beautiful Fleur-de-Lys checkering enhances stability and absorbs the vibrations produced by the mighty German steel mainspring.

You can purchase the Elite Supressor separately.


The Dead Eye Max is the most tactical version of our Dead Eye model, featuring an aluminum Silent Shot suppressor. Including the Norica fully adjustable trigger system -with silver plated metal blade. It’s easy-cocking effort aid  and the adjustable cheek-piece helps you aligning the sight with the target.

Includes air gun rated 4×32 scope and Norica universal bipod.

What would you like to try the first? Tell us by leaving a comment.

Featured image by HardAir Mag