The new Omnia ZRS Fire with a bold new red finish. Last year, we already introduced you to the ZRS recoilless technology. Thanks to our patented mechanism we eliminate the recoil forces at the moment of the shot, providing maximum accuracy, this GRS airguns has the best performance and adjustable cheek piece.

The NTX10 and NTX10 Luxe air rifles that gather the philosophy and know-how of Norica. The fiber stock, with thumbhole, combines ergonomics and lightness. The adjustable trigger with NATS technology and the GRS system delivers absolute comfort and accuracy.

Atlantic Viper, we have renewed and modernized our classic Atlantic airguns with the new Viper camouflage design, which will delight spring airguns enthusiasts thanks to its robustness and precision.

The new Viriatus BP HT Black Wood with a black wood grain finish and all the power of our PCP. The new and improved autoloader, which is included in all Viriatus models starting this year, makes the loading process easier and faster.

Along with the new autoloader among the new PCP accessories, we also bring you a new quick connector and HPA compressor for charging PCPs.
We have also added to our collection of pistols the KWC 46 and KWC 48 that as a differential feature from the rest of the models with Blowback incorporated.