Thanks to our distributor Edgar Brothers the English magazine Air Gunner publishes a review about our Norica Marvic 2.0 Luxe.

For the money – less than £300 – this is a great addition to any collection, or a ‘step-up’ rifle for those wishing to add a touch more refinement, power and capability to their hunting. It’s also a great first rifle for those wishing to start off seriously in the world of airgunning. This is a very powerful springer, kicking out a consistent 11.4 ft.lbs during my testing. It also ‘shouts’ each time you shoot it, with a hefty ‘crack’ at the muzzle – I love it!

Dave Barham, review author.

Review Norica Marvic 2.0 Luxe: Airgun Shooting.

Revista Airgunner Agust 22.