REFERENCE: 160.00.003
Caliber 4,5  mm / .177 inch

REFERENCE: 160.00.008
Caliber 5,5  mm / .22 inch



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Inspired by FBI Academy Quantico Base, Virginia. We think about how to learn shooting. Here is our answer. Adjustable to everyone, ergonomicdesign, powerful, accurate, mechanically flawless.


3 axis adjustable skeleton stock
Ergonomic grip hand rest
Performance Spring Piston PSP™ Hardened Steel Construction
Multi Rails system DSR™ 21 & 11mm for optics
Shrouded Rifled steel barrel
Full metal breech FMB™ construction
Fiber optics adjustable open sights
Heavy duty Polymer stock
Adjustable travel length trigger
Deep bluing

Technical Data

Reference 160.00.003 160.00.008
Caliber (mm (inch)) 4,5 (.177) 5,5 (.22)
Weight (Kg) 3,3 3,3
Total length (mm) 1.130-1.150
Speed (m/s) 305 250
Energy (J) * 22,3 22,3

* The indicated energy is the standard one. The energy can be modified according to the laws of each country.