Omnia ZRS Luxe

Norica ZRS System

Available in:

  • REFERENCE: 111.30.100
    Calibre 4,5 (.177) mm (inch)
  • REFERENCE: 111.30.101
    Calibre 5,5 (.22) mm (inch)



“ZRS recoilless, we only need one shot.” A revolutionary technology in the field of break barrel air rifles, which consists in the elimination of recoil at the moment of firing, providing the shooter with maximum accuracy.

ZRS system: Maximum power without recoil:

  • Shooting smoothness like a PCP.
  • Maximum accuracy by eliminating recoil to the shooter.
  • Total protection for the scope and other parts.

Ease of maintenance and maximum reliability:

  • Simple disassembly and assembly without special tools.
  • Maintenance-free mechanism.

Easy to use:

  • Identical use as any break barrel air rifle.
  • No need for a high pressure pump or pressurized air cylinders


Additional information


4,5, 5,5


First air rifle on the world market with a recoilless ZRS system.
High quality anodized aluminum cylinder.
11mm rail along the cylinder for laserdot and high magnification scope on the same rail.
Ambidextrous vaporized beechwood stock with adjustable cheek piece.

Technical data

Reference 111.30.100 111.30.101
Caliber (mm/inch) 4,5 (.177) 5,5 (.22)
Weight (kg) 4 4
Barrel length (mm) 484 484
Total length (mm) 1180 1180
Speed (m/s) 330 275
Energy (J) * 24 24

*GRS technology is not included in models with energies below 16J.
*The indicated energy is the maximum possible. The energy will be modified according to the laws of each country. We reserve the right to make any changes without notice.


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