NeverLost Relax Strap Pro

REFERENCE: 170.00.019

Nylon Webbing, Relieves Pressure on Stand

*Only available in Spain and Portugal

Your best friend on a driven hunt. You have it in your pocket until you are at your stand/position. Then you put it on your rifle in a few seconds. Put the relax trap around your neck, and then you are well prepared, waiting for the animals to come. You don´t have to hold your rifle in your tired arms any longer. Meanwhile you can talk in your radio, warming your hands or do whatever you want. With your hands free -  It’s so easy. Less is more.

-Made of durable nylon webbing.

-Works on both Shotguns & Rifles

-Relives the pressure of your rifle while you're on stand

-Perfect for use during driven hunt's

-The Pro verison has wider Strap band