N. A. C. 2020

Replica of Makárov

REFERENCE: 150.00.212
Caliber 4,5 mm / .177  inch
System: CO2



The Makárov PM is a semi-automatic pistol designed in the late 40s, by Nikolai Fyodorovich Makárov, and was the standard military auxiliary weapon of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union from 1951 to 1991.

Retaining the aesthetics and safety functions of the original model, the N.A.C. 2020 will accurately shoot 4,5mm wadcutter pellets thru its precision rifled steel barrel made in Germany. Powered by a single Co2 bottle the pistol delivers a consistent velocity of 100 m/s for more than 60 shots with one Co2 cartridge. The 12 shot (2 x 6) rotary magazine as well as the Co2 bottle slot are located between the textured grips and, as the model upon which is inspired, it is a single action only gun.


• Model: N. A. C.  2020
• Caliber: .177 (4,5 MM)
• Material: metal slide
• Capacity: 2×6
• Velocity: 100 m/s


Cal. 4,5 / .177
Capacity 2 x 6
Lenght 165 mm
Weight 760 g.
Speed 100 m/s