NeverLost AddOn Grab Bag Pro

REFERENCE: 170.00.003
AddOn Grab Bag for Hunting Equipments.
54x30x26 cm

*Only available in Spain and Portugal.

Now you can go hunting without thinking about whether you forgot something or not. Everything are easy to control and it’s of course protected  when inside your NeverLost Grab bag. Our Grab Bag is currently our best selling product and it has received many copies. No products have previously so clearly identified the  hunter's needs. The main pockets have symbols, for radio, hearing protection, ammunition, bolt, first aid, antenna and garbage bags. Inside, you can change the size of the different compartments. In addition, it will come with a plastic box for small items such as batteries, oils, etc.

No matter what you hunt, you have great use for our grab bag. You will notice that there is time before and after the purchase of your grab bag. Every week we receive emails and calls from satisfied customers we have who bought it. Copied by many – surpassed by none!